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A-pressen (Agile IT Operations)

Customer: A-pressen
Sector/industry: Publishing

The work carried out by A-pressen Interaktiv is based on increasing the earnings of Norway’s leading local media publishers and the outsourcing of its operations environment made more sense to them than building their own.


A-pressen Interaktiv’s operational cooperation with we dates back to 1999. This is clear proof of the client’s satisfaction with the supplier! We ensures that A-pressen’s 50 or so online newspapers and related support services keep working in accordance with its customers’ needs and wishes. We are responsible for all A-pressen’s IT infrastructure – servers, databases and administration – and is also a key sparring partner when it comes to ongoing development.

“It’s extremely important that Redpill Linpro offers broad expertise not only in Linux, but also in proprietary solutions such as Escenic,” says Pål Nedregotten, Online Newspaper Channel Manager at A-pressen Interaktiv.

This offering brings the client savings, simplicity, security, the skills needed, cutting-edge tools for dealing with IT-related challenges, and the ability to adapt dynamically in line with the market. A-pressen receives a total of 750,000 unique visitors to its 50 or so online newspapers each week, and 300,000 daily. In all, almost 1,300 unique pages are published each day. This places tough demands on the IT infrastructure.

“Redpill Linpro offers a unique combination of operational and application expertise which we have been able to benefit from. They provide us with specialist expertise and excellent solutions at a reasonable price. We now have a setup and an environment which we couldn’t have hoped to achieve otherwise. Operational outsourcing made more financial sense for us compared with building our own environment.”

Pål Nedregotten, Online Newspaper Channel Manager, A-pressen Interaktiv


An extension of the client’s own operations

The work carried out by A-pressen Interaktiv and Redpill Linpro is based on increasing the earnings of Norway’s leading local media publishers. Boosting traffic to the websites also strengthens the group’s bottom line. To achieve this, good technological solutions are required.

“We see Redpill Linpro as a key strategic partner, and an extension of our own operations. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with them on day-to-day operations and continuing to develop solutions and concepts.

“We are pleased with both uptime and stability. We also get exactly the level of scalability we need from Redpill Linpro. They are very good at delivering in accordance with our needs and wishes.”


International Escenic leaders

We are responsible for the technical operation of the solution based on Linux, a MySQL database and an Escenic publishing solution. We also provide hardware capacity, a SAN storage solution, internet access and hosting. The solution is available around the clock.

“Providing services for so many titles is a real technical challenge. We need an infrastructure which is both highly flexible and extremely scalable.”

Escenic is Norway’s leading supplier of content publishing and content editing. Its publishing system was developed in order to make the internal and interorganisational information flow more efficient and more economical. Escenic is used by news agencies, portals and internet, extranet and intranet sites in the public and private sectors. A-pressen’s Escenic installation is both extensive and comprehensive:

“As far as I know, we have one of the world’s leading Escenic installations. This is thanks to our unique cooperation with Redpill Linpro, and the fact that we constantly manage to develop and remain at the cutting edge of technological developments.”


Helping to develop Open Source code

Both we and A-pressen Interaktiv are committed to Open Source code. A-pressen Interaktiv has made a significant contribution to the development of Varnish, a web accelerator developed by us. For A-pressen Interaktiv, spending money on developing Open Source software has proven to be a wise investment, bringing advantages in terms of both finances and flexibility.

“In our situation, we often receive concrete offers for new software. These offers tend to be calculated based on a price for each of our 50 websites. For us, with our all-in-one operations, this makes very little financial sense. We view value differently. As a supplier of services to so many newspapers, we constantly need to be looking for the best tools at the best overall price, and we can often only obtain these through Open Source code.

“Open Source code is extremely attractive due to both the fact that there are no licensing costs and the wide range of excellent tools available. The quality of Open Source software solutions is extremely high, and is on a par with commercial alternatives. We also believe that it is important to contribute towards the development of Open Source solutions, in order both to improve our own tools and to develop solutions which give us even better opportunities for increasing our earnings. In short, Open Source code gives us much more than purely financial savings.”


Our operations services

We are one of Norway’s biggest players in terms of Linux operation. Its operations services are provided either through a hosting partner or directly with the client. In addition to operations expertise, we also boasts broad experience of operations architecture. The foundation for secure operation and good control over various bottlenecks is laid during the planning stage. Experienced employees make us an attractive partner during this stage. We have provided design and dimensioning for server architecture and networks for a number of leading Norwegian businesses which run their own operations. Operations is a far-reaching field of proficiency, and a variety of specialist groups deal with different aspects of operational expertise. We use ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) as its operating methodology. Our skills and solutions in relation to change management and configuration management allow it to carry out the high volume of changes which today’s media market demands.

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